Management and Contact Persons

The Management

Minastir Asset Management AB was founded by Thomas Jacobson, Ulf Svensson, and Sven Jacobson. Thomas is responsible for the company's operations, Ulf and Sven focuses on the company's long-term sustainability and matters of a more general nature.


ThomasThomas Jacobson, CEO and Co-Owner

Thomas has nearly 15 years' experience in stock trading based on technical analysis, and 10 years of experience in combining options, warrants, certificates and other derivative instruments in the creation of structured products for different trading strategies. The past 8 years he has been involved with research and development of fully automated trading algorithms.

He has a bachelor and master's degree in Finance and Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School, a master's degree in Financial Engineering from National Taiwan University, and has studied MBA at the University of British Columbia, and Global MBA at National Taiwan University.

With significant experience in trading financial instruments, a true entrepreneurial spirit, in-depth knowledge in both finance and computer science, as well as fluency in Chinese, Thomas leads the teams in Sweden and Taiwan to combine the best of both worlds.



UlfUlf Svensson, Director of the Board and Co-Owner

Ulf has worked with stocks and asset management since his teenage years, and began his career as an intern at Handelsbanken. After studying abroad and at Stockholm University, Ulf has since worked at Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish Radio, and leading advertising agencies in Sweden and abroad. Through founding and directing his own advertising agency, Ulf has demonstrated that he possesses excellent entrepreneurial skills. To date, Ulf has started about 10 companies.

Thomas and Ulf have collaborated on various projects over nearly 10 years. In addition, Ulf has been running a number of companies from Japan, China, the Philippines, Russia, USA, etc., and now manages a corporate group as an extension to the successful results, and owns significant positions in various listed companies.

Common for all of Ulf’s ventures is and has been calculated risks with high returns, characterized by good risk management and long-term sustainability.



SvenSven Jacobson, Director of the Board and Co-Owner

Sven is a true entrepreneur, and started his company at the age of 16. The company's focus was import and sale of electronic components. In 1974, he relocated and expanded the business to Vellinge to focus on the manufacturing and development of communication systems.

When the rollout of the GSM networks began in 1980/90, Sven delivered the majority of the large aerial masts and towers for telecommunications and radio links to all telecommunication operators in Sweden. His company grew further and with that also the customers that came to include the Swedish Police, the Swedish Armed Forces, the United Nations, and others. Aside from these, commercial FM radio stations were also a large customer group and practically all Swedish and Danish radio stations today broadcast with antennas that are manufactured at the factory in Trelleborg.

In 2005, Sven was appointed Entrepreneur of the Year in Trelleborg, and after managing his company for 45 years, he sold the company in 2010.



Contact Persons

For questions related to investments in our fund, you are most welcome to contact Jacob Roos or Chloe Lee. Jacob is based in Sweden and speaks Swedish and English, and Chloe is based in Taiwan and speaks Chinese and English.


+46 706 459 921
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Jakob Roos, Relationship Manager

Jakob is a young entrepreneur with an exceptional drive and commitment in everything he is involved in. He has extensive knowledge and many years’ experience in sales, marketing and management from various industries. Most notably, Jakob has held the position as CEO of Media Planet Denmark for 3 years. In recent years, he has been self-employed and worked with coaching, sales development and personal development in different companies.

Genuine and long-term relationships are, and have always been, the focus of Jakob's work, something that has resulted in a wide network of contacts in different industries and different parts of the business community. One of Jakob's great strengths lies in his versatility, and that he is never afraid of new challenges. This makes him a valuable asset to us at Minastir where he is responsible for the relationship with our Swedish and English speaking investors.



+886 911 871 210
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Chloe Lee, Relationship Manager

Chloe grew up in Taiwan where she studied psychology. She spent two years in New York where she studied MBA and shorter periods in Canada and Sweden. Previously, she has worked for various listed biotechnology- and pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan within business development, marketing and sales.

Naturally, Chloe exhibits a deep understanding of the Chinese speaking business environment. This coupled with a broad range of contacts and fluency in both Chinese and English, is the reason she is responsible for the relationship with our Chinese speaking investors from Asia. Chloe works at our office in Taipei.