A need for a New Technology

A decade ago, we realized that many of the operational challenges faced by financial institutions could be solved by looking deeper and more focused into the vast amount of data accumulated over the years. In many cases, this data was unstructured and very noisy. As most financial institutions were not equipped to transform their data into meaningful insights, and because the available technology was too standardised and outdated, we decided to come to aid by drawing on our expertise in artificial intelligence.

The past years of intensive research and development have led to the birth of our proprietary technology platform and infrastructure that provides artificially intelligent forecasting solutions with predictive insights to the financial sector. The benefits achieved by solving financial institutions' operational challenges range from significant cost savings and efficient operations to decreased risk.


Deep Talent Pool

Minastir has a deep talent pool within computer science and in artificial intelligence in particular, and mainly employs MSc and PhD graduates from well-recognized universities. Our close collaboration with the academia enables us to implement the latest breakthrough research.